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Farm Sheds

From machinery to grain, a farm shed from All Sheds can handle all your agricultural storage needs. With a catalogue of farm sheds and accessories to choose from, we are sure we have the shed you need. We are also able to fully customise a shed for you, ensuring it complies with both council regulation and your requirements, all while sticking within the limits of your available resources.

Our farm shed’s come with these features:

  • Many frame and size options
  • Fully customisable and built for purpose
  • Durable, will protect all its contents from harsh weather
  • Customisable bay sizes and numbers
  • Optional internal walls to separate spaces
  • Roller or sliding door access

We have over 30 years experiencing planning, designing and constructing farm sheds in the Goulburn Valley area, we understand how important it is for you to have a farm shed that is strong, durable, and functional. At All Sheds, we can deliver all this and more, we always make sure our sheds are built to our high standards and your complete satisfaction.

Our Range of Farm Sheds

From large farm sheds with open bays and a lean-to structure to fully enclosed farm sheds with multiple rooms and sliding doors, our farm shed options are as diverse as your needs. Our designing and building capabilities extend far beyond what you can see in our catalogue and past projects, because we regularly create custom sheds. We understand that your shed will need to be different from others as your needs are unique, which is why we design based on your requirements, not based on a pre-made template. So contact us to talk with a consultant about your farm shed.

A No Stress Process

We are the experts in farm shed planning, designing and building, so when you buy a farm shed from us, we will manage all the steps involved in getting your shed off the ground. Starting from your first, free consultation, we will work with you get the farm shed you require. We will visit the site and discuss with you how you wish your shed to function, and from there we will design your perfect farm shed. Once you are happy with the designs, we will move forward to securing building and planning permits, and once those are in hand we can begin to build. We can do construction in house, so no need to handle middle-men, and we will keep in contact with you throughout the process so you will always know what is happening. After we finish erecting your farm shed, we can organise a final site inspection so you can get to using your new shed as soon as possible. From the moment you choose to get a farm shed from us, we will be with you to ensure everything goes to plan and you get a shed that is perfect for you.

Reliable and Trustworthy

Made from BlueScope steel sourced from Australia, our farm sheds are constructed from the highest quality materials. The durability afforded by our use of reliable building materials means your farm shed will stand solid for many, many years. We understand that the harsh Australian environment can wreak havoc on any structure, which is why we design our farm sheds to withstand the worst of conditions. As part of our promise to provide you with a quality shed that meets all your needs, we offer a range of frame options, including:

  • ECO: Suitable only for smaller sheds, this is an economical option for a fully bolted frame
  • ENDURO: With a superior structural galvanised RHS frame, this frame is good for a durable steel building system
  • STURDY: Fully bolted and tough, this galvanised RHS frame offers an economical yet strong building system
  • SOLID: A structural hot dip galvanised UB frame, this is perfect for a premium durable steel building system

We pair these grade A materials with world-class construction, making your farm shed the toughest around. As registered building practitioners, we are more than capable of erecting farm sheds that can stand the test of time. You will also be able to add you shed to your mortgage and you will be covered by our insurance, these are simply not things you can do when you get a shed from someone without our qualifications. With over 30 years of shed building experience, and a reputation for excellent service and construction, we have expertise you can trust.

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