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New Homebuilders & Owners

Building, buying or refinancing your home? Including your shed in your loan makes sense.

If you’re thinking about building a new home, renovating, or refinancing your existing home, rolling a new shed into the loan is a great way to keep things simple. With All Sheds, you can simply add the cost of your shed onto your construction loan.

Having your home and your shed on one contract means less fuss! You’ll have only one simple repayment for the life of your loan. At All Sheds, we’re more than just a shed company. Because we’re a registered building practitioner, it’s easy to add your shed build to your home loan.

Building with All Sheds as part of your construction loan allows you to avoid the complicated ‘owner builder’ route down the track – we take care of everything for you. Going ‘owner builder’ requires more painful paperwork, a longer process and approval from the Victorian Building Authority as well as having to apply for an owner builder licence. People often say going ‘owner builder’ feels like a full-time job!

Up to $45,000 of Government assistance available

Are you a first home builder in regional Victoria? If so, you’re facing a unique opportunity to get a combined $45,000 of government assistance on your new build.

Building your first home is always an exciting moment, whether you’re in the Goulburn Valley or a regional centre like Bendigo. Thanks to a generous new Government incentive, the perfect moment to start your build is now.

HomeBuilder Grant

The Government’s new $25,000 HomeBuilder Grant was unveiled recently to help stimulate the economy via the building and construction industry in the midst of COVID-19.

Eligible owner occupiers who are building a new home or substantially renovating an existing home can apply for a grant of $25,000 to contribute to construction costs.

Regional First Home Owner Grant

On top of the HomeBuilder Grant, eligible owner occupiers building or buying in regional Victoria can also get a doubled First Home Owner Grant of $20,000.

Regional areas included in the doubled First Home Owner Grant include Benalla, Greater Shepparton and Strathbogie Shire, just to name a few. Essentially, if you’re not in Melbourne, it’s likely your region will qualify.

Get in quick: HomeBuilder applications must be finalised by December 2020

With such an unprecedented level of government assistance available, your new carport, patio, farm shed or garden shed is well within reach. It’s never been more simple or affordable to build with All Sheds.

If you want to take advantage of the combined $45,000 of Government assistance to add a shed, pergola or carport to your build, it’s important to act fast. To be eligible for HomeBuilder, you must finalise a construction or renovation contract by December 31 2020.

When you build with All Sheds, we’ll ensure everything runs smoothly for a seamless handover. When your new home is complete and ready for handover, your shed or additional dwelling will be ready for sign-off too.

We have established working relationships with many local builders in Shepparton and around regional Victoria. We can get things going without delay and according to your timeline.