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From industrial barns to garden sheds, our projects have seen us work with a versatile range of clients and industries, ensuring their ambitions are met. Our highly experienced All Sheds staff are available to develop a customised shed for you, so feel free to contact us today to request a quote. Have a look below at some of our more recent projects.

Stratco Patio | Alexandra

This Stratco Patio was construed for a customer in Alexandra. Standing 2.4m high and spanning 12.98m long and 2.74m wide. It has a 0.5m deck overhang, 5 x rooflites and is in desert cladding. It’s the perfect addition to the outdoor deck.

Gable Roof Pergola & Machinery Shed | Nagambie

A two part project for a customer in Nagambie. The project included a 6m x 6m x 3m Gable Roof Enduro Pergola with a 12.5° pitch roof and an 8m x 8m x 4m Gable Roof Enduro Machinery Shed with a 12.5° pitch roof. Both the pergola and the shed are cladded in Colorbond Steel in Surfmist.

Gable Roof Sturdy Shed | Arcadia

This 20.2m x 9m x 3.6m Gable Roof Sturdy Shed with a 7.5° pitch roof and 2 20.2m x 3m Lean To was constructed for a customer in Arcadia. It is cladded in Colorbond Steel Woodland Grey. The shed includes a personal access door and 4 auto roller doors. As the shed is a sturdy shed this means that the shed has an electro-galvanised RHS frame for durability and Z section girts and purlins for greater strength and spanning capabilities. All of this makes this a premium shed with superior strength and durability.

Stratco Gable | Wangaratta

This 2.4m x 9.5m Stratco Gable with a 4.2m opening in Desert cladding built for a customer in Wangaratta was the perfect addition to the outdoor entertainment space.

Caravan Storage

This durable caravan storage was built for a customer to protect their caravan from all the elements.

Gable Roof Enduro Shed | Nathalia

This robust 12m x 8m Gable Roof Enduro Shed with a 2m x 4m Lean to was built for a customer in Nathalia. The shed includes an 8m x 4m mezzanine floor, 2 personal access doors, a roller door, 2 skylights and 5 windows.

Barn Shed | Strathbogie Ranges

What a barn! This is a 12m x 12m barn is an enduro barn, featuring a gable roof and 3 bays, in the colour Windspray by Colorbond.

Gable Roof Eco Shed | Regional VIC

Stunning 6m x 6m x 2.5m gable roof eco shed in Colorbond Steel Night Sky. We completed the concrete slab and erection, construction includes 2 roller doors, 2 windows and 2 aluminium sliding doors. 

Koala Cherries | Regional VIC

Colorbond Steel in Pale Eucalypt compliments this bush landscape at Koala Cherries in Regional VIC.
This 7.5m x 3.5m shed that stands 2.5m high, with a 12.5° gable pitch.

Historical Society | Nathalia VIC

Recent addition to Nathalia Historical Society to protect from the elements.

Airport Hanger | Benella VIC

A private airport hanger at Benella Airport, complete with concrete slab and custom receding doors.

STURDY Garaport

This Sturdy Garaport was built in Mooroopna and is 18M x 8M x 3.5M

STURDY Gable Roof Shed

This Sturdy Gable Roof Shed was built for Fonterra in Stanhope and is 25.7M x 18M x 5.2M

TRIPLE Gable Veranda

This Triple Gable Veranda includes RHS Construction, with Powdercoated Beams and Colourbond Roof

ECO Hay Shed

This ECO Hay Shed is one of two sheds for a customer in the town of Merrijig and is 20M x 10M x 4M

ECO Garage

This  ECO Garage is 18M x 9M x 3M and includes a 100mm Concrete Slab.

ECO Shed

This Fully Enclosed ECO Shed is 10M x 5.5M x 2.8M and includes a Roller Door and a PA Door. The Shed cladding is Classic Cream.


This 3 bay ENDURO Garage is 9M x 7M x 2.7M and includes 3 Roller Doors and a PA Door. The Shed cladding is Woodland Grey and oxide has been added to the concrete floor for coloration.

HERITAGE Roof Garden Shed

This Heritage Roof Garden Shed is 3M x 2.26M x 1.95M and was recently built in Rushworth as a Men’s Shed


This Budget Shed is 16M x 6M x 2.6M and was recently built in Katandra for the local cricket club

ECO Garaport with Lean To

This Garaport with Lean To is 14M x 4.3M x 2.4 M and includes Vermaseal protection and Air-Cell insulation.

HEATHCOTE Sports Shelter

One of two sheds built for Holy Rosary Primary School in Heathcote. A Large 30 x 18 x 4.5M Shed to cover the outdoor sports ground with foam post protection.

ENDURO Storage Shed

One of two sheds built for Holy Rosary Primary School in Heathcote. An Enduro Shed 12 x 3 x 2.8M with a custom 22 degree pitch roof with three Bays providing Sports Storage, a Club house and machinery storage.

CUSTOM Verandah

Custom Verandah in Avenel with a Pergola included

NAGAMBIE Primary School

An all weather outdoor shelter for the sports arena at Nagambie Primary School 37 x 19.2 x 5m

3 Bay Shed with Custom Gates

This custom shed is designed for the owners caravan and trailers and features wide bays and custom gates

PREMIUM Storage Shed

Two 24 x 12 x 4M Storage Sheds for a very happy Customer


Drive through Car Wash in Nagambie

CFA Costerfield

One of 6 Sheds built for the Country Fire Authority


24m x 12m x 4m Garage Shed with 3 Roller Doors and 1 Personal Access door

ENDURO Garaport

13.2m x 6m x 2.7m Garaport with polished concrete floors

ENDURO Carport

5.5m x 3.1m x 2.4m custom pitch carport in Shepparton


12m x 6m x 2.7m Enduro Garage with custom brick front in Shepparton

ECO Garaport

13m x 7m x 2.7m ECO Garaport in Mansfield


8m x 4m x 2.4m ENDURO Shed built in Lancefield

ENDURO Machinery Shed

16m x 4m x 2.4m ENDURO Machinery Shed built in Lancefield

ENDURO Farm Shed

18.75m x 10m x 3.2m Enduro Farm Shed built in Benalla


25m x 9m x 3.6m Enduro Hay Shed built in Benalla

American Barn

10m x 14m x 4.6m American Barn built in Kyabram

EQUINE Arena Cover

30m x 15m x 4.2m Sturdy Arena Cover built in Nathalia

RHS Premium Shed

12m x 9.6m x 3.3m RHS Premium Shed built in Nathalia

American Barn

12m x 14m x 4.4m American Barn built in Seymour

Garden Shed

5.22m x 1.52m x 2.1m Skillion Roof Shed built in Euroa

Basketball Court Cover

30m x 18m x 4.5m Basketball Court Cover built in Heathcote