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Garages & Skillion Roof Sheds

If you need a shed or garage for domestic, commercial or rural use, look no further than All Sheds. We are a family business based in Shepparton, and we can plan, design and build garages and skillion roof sheds across the entire Goulburn Valley.

We have a wealth of options for sheds for workshops, general storage and car storage. All our sheds can be customised to have bay sizes to suit any door placement and different roof pitch options to suit all of your needs.

All Sheds can produce sheds and garages to any size, custom made to order in a wide selection of colours. We also produce sheds and garages in colourbond or zinc able to suit any budget from our low cost range to our premium range.

Our Range of Garages and Skillion Roof Sheds

No matter what your requirements are, we have the garage for you. From single bay garages with sliding doors to multi bay skillion roof sheds, at All Sheds we can plan, design and build whatever you need, making sheds and garages from us the perfect storage solution for your home or business.

Features of our garages and skillion roof sheds include:

  • Multiple available roof pitches
  • Options for the number, size, style and location of doors
  • Design that is efficient and cost effective
  • A range of frame options
  • Custom size, design and dimensions to suit you
  • An extensive range of available colours
  • Many available accessories to take your shed or garage to the next level

A High-Quality Job Every Time

At All Sheds we do more than just supply sheds and garages, we also build them, so you do not need to worry about getting outside contractors on-board to get your shed off the ground. We are registered with the Victorian Building Authority as building practitioners, meaning everything we construct meets a high standard and you can tack everything we do onto your mortgage. Our insurance will also cover the building process, while the warranty that comes with every shed and garage will cover it for years afterwards. With over 30 years of experiencing constructing sheds and garages, you can trust us to complete a high-quality job every time, without fail. Any shed and garage built by us is built to last because it is built to the highest standards.

Our sheds and garages have the best construction and the best materials as we rely on Australian sourced BlueScope steel for all our products. By using only the highest-quality materials in our builds, we can ensure that any shed or garage built by us will keep its shape and colour for many, many years. So, for a skillion roof shed or garage that will stay both functional and great looking, contact us.

The Service You Need to Remain Stress Free

At All Sheds, our commitment to you does not end once you have bought a garage. Unlike other companies, we will help you through the full process from getting the perfect shed or garage design right through to the final inspection. We have over 30 years of experience in the field, so let us manage your project and save you from the stress usually associated with new building projects.

From your initial consultation with one of our experts, which can be organised free of price with a simple call, we will help you figure out exactly what you need from a shed or garage in terms of space and design. We will conduct a site visit to help you measure the location for your new shed or garage and discuss with you what you want in terms of the look for your new addition to your property. Once we have a firm understanding of you and your needs, we will design the perfect shed and garage for you and secure the required building and planning permits. With everything rubber stamped by council, we will organise getting all the materials sent to your property and our in-house builders will construct your new shed or garage to the highest standard. After, we can organise the final site inspection from council to get everything approved so you can put your new skillion roof shed or garage to use as soon as possible. At All Sheds, we care about our clients, so we will do everything in our power to keep the shed planning, designing and building process as simple and stress free as possible. When you get a shed or garage from us, you will be able to get it without losing any hair or sleep.

Some options available:

  • Windows
  • Double doors
  • Sliding and roller doors
  • PA (Personal Access Doors)
  • Skylights
  • Insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Different cladding

So for a well built, quality shed or garage look no further than All Sheds.

Let us help you.

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